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Hannah Lee DeFrates

Actor . Vocalist . Playwright


Hannah Lee DeFrates is a performer and playwright based out of South Jersey. 

She holds a BA in musical theatre from Lycoming College and is passionate about creative storytelling.

As an actor, Hannah Lee strives to bring life, truth, and whimsy into the roles she plays.

When she's not onstage, Hannah Lee likes to writre female-driven plays that dip into the surreal.


Upcoming Projects:

--May 3-18, 2024- Jesus Christ Superstar, Village Playbox- Role: Female Apostle

--June 7-16, 2024- Charlotte's Web, Blue Moon Theatre- Role: Charlotte

--June 12, 2024- Good Vibes Summer, Broken Arts Entertainment- Role(s): Moira, Tina

--Coming Soon- Divine Books, Broken Arts Entertainment- Role: Carrie Trodder

-- Coming Soon- Home by Midnight, Dream Team Productions- Role: Extra





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